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CDNArMaDa said:
Found Two new AT tires that are more or less a direct replacement for the 18" wheel

Bridgestone AT REVO UNI T AQII P265 70 18 (tire height 32.6")

Kumho Road Venture AT P265 70 18( tire height 32.6")
Good to know. I just checked out and they've recently added Michelin cross terrains at a whopping $176 each,
Kumho at $135
and stock Contis at $92
Goodyear Warnglers at $118
All at 265/70-18
Didn't list Bridgestone yet. That would be my first choice if pricing is closer to $100-$120 each. The Cross Terrains are just priced to high.
And I personally wouldn't touch Kumho. The name says it all. :)
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