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Brakes - what an issue!! I bought my Armada January of 2004. I had it three weeks when I was driving home from work and when I pushed the brake to stop at the red light, the brake pedal went all the way to the floor and the car kept going! Luckily there was no one in the turning lane next to me and I jumped over there and pushed on the emergency brake which slowed me to a stop, with heart racing! Nissan sent a flatbed tow truck to my house and took the Armada back to the dealership. Two days later they called me and said they fixed the problem. I picked it up and it drove fine - for a week. I was backing out of the garage and when I pushed on the brake pedal, it fell all the way to floor and we rolled across the front lawn together. Again, Nissan sent a flatbed to the house and this time my husband went to the dealership behind it. I don't know what he said but the dealership was contacted by Nissan who told them NOT to touch the vehicle. They sent a Nissan representative from somewhere up North, I don't remember where and two Nissan technicians from California all came to Sutherlin Nissan in Atlanta where my Armada was. They removed the entire brake assembly, hoses and whatever else that goes with it and took it all back to California. They had my vehicle for 3 weeks and gave me a stupid rental car of some sort. When I got it back, the brakes were fixed, it was washed, polished and they even gave me a Gift Certificate for dinner for two! The only thing they told me was that there was "debris" in the master cylinder. I believe they were worried there was about to be a major recall; when I got my Armada, I never even saw another one on the road or anywhere else for months. So it was fairly new. Wow - but it isn't over yet. Since that brake job, I have had it back in the dealership 7 times in 2 years for rotors and pads. They told me, hey, at least I would have new brakes for free for the life of the car. I told them if you think I am going to bring this car in every 3 months for the rest of it's life, you are sadly mistaken!! The last time they fixed it, they changed it out with the new brakes and I haven't had any more problems with the brakes, not even the black, yucky brake dust!! Yippee! (They didn't know it, but I wouldn't have given them back my Mada even if they offered to exchange it for another one. I love mine, brakes or no brakes!

Other than that, I've experienced no problems with my 04. I absolutely love it and I'm sure you will, too. Have fun with it - you made a great choice! :)
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