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jim ballardjim ballard said:
We had nothing but problems with our Armada brakes, I have had them done 4 times and I only have 21,700 miles, trailer harness and now we have discovered that the tires aren't rated for the vehicle to tow what it is supposed to tow. I bought it specifically to tow a horse trailer, now I don't trust it to tow a wagon. BEWARE if you are towing its not safe!!!
Quite the opposite for me, we tow all the time and have had ZERO problems with our brakes. I think the Armada is the best 1/2 ton tow vehicle on the planet. 8000lbs(loaded) toybox and a 2600lbs(loaded) utility trailer are handled with ease. The Armada has performed towing duties better than my previous 1 ton PU. IMHO it is plenty safe. Jim, a Suburban might be safer for you towing because it will always be in the shop for a new tranny and not on the road. Agreed, the tires are junk, but I'm pretty sure they are replaceable last time I checked, certainly more straight forward to change than a yearly transmission R&R or piston slapping engine.

UPDATE; Hey Jim, I just checked, and every one of your 8 posts you have ever made on this forum you have brought up your issues with the tires. If it bothers you that much you should change them to ones you are more comfortable with. And as far as the tow harness recall, it is a voluntary effort by Nissan, they were not forced to do it by the government because of wrongful deaths or anything like happened to Ford with the relays that caught fire and killed folks. I understand that new tires are not cheap, but neither is a new vehicle. Almost every new vehicle regardless of manufacturer comes with tires supplied by the lowest bidder. At least you got a nice truck with your junk tires, just think, you could have gotten a GM had had nothing to show for it.
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