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I'm in the process of looking for a large size SUV and the pickings are pretty slim out there. The Armada caught my eye when it first came out, but I wasnt all sure about the design of it. The front look very aggressive, but it looks like they chopped off the rear of another SUV and put it on the Armada.

Now when I see them on the road, I think I can deal with the slight "looks" issue. The package I want is the Armada LE AWD w/ sunroof. Only goodie I want is a rear DVD system, but I would rather get that aftermarket.

- I wanted to get some feedback (positive and negative) on the SUV...handling, interior design, leg room and cargo room, whatever you can think of that is good/bad about the SUV? I've already read of the brake/rattle problems, but hopefully that shouldnt be a concern with the 05's.

- Also what have Deleware Valley people paid for theirs b/c I hear Nissan is offering some decent financing/cash back incentives?? The only real quote was online for $100 over invoice, but they only disclose the invoice in person (yea right!).

- Any members have positive feedback on decent PA Nissan dealers? Heck, I'll even look in South Jersey if the deal is right. :)

Thanks for the help!
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