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New Smoke Armada in Los Angeles

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I've got 500 miles on mine (4 x 4 SE smoke with journey package DVD leather). So far so good except for an undercoating problem (check your drivers side rear wheelwell, 50% chance you have peeling undercoating too) and DVD rattle. We found this site before we bought it so I knew about most problems going in and had the dealer take care of them up front. I plan to put on a big brake kit up front to avoid all the hassles I have read about (plus the performance increase). I'll wait until this set warps just in case Nissan decides to do the recall on the 2004 in that time frame, regardless this mod is in the que.

Why would I go in knowing all these quirks? Because I used to have a Jeep!! This is nothing. I love this truck. So many goodies and so much power with the same gas mileage as my Nissan Frontier supercharged pick up that I traded in (except I can run regular so it is actually cheaper to run!). 18 mpg so far.

We looked at the Denali (nice but felt like a coffin), the Dodge Hemi 4x4 (piss poor suspension, we drove it 5 minutes and were sea sick the rest of the day), a 2004 off road Armada (Booming on every bump but it got our attention), Tahoe (get me out of this boat), Expedition 4 x 2 (not too bad handling, cheap looking interiour though) and about 3 other 2004 Armada's (drives as good as anything we tested, more power and better handling than most, interiour was on par with just about everything tested, priced about 10K less than the closest competitor)

Planned mods are big brake kit, fogs with 100w bulbs or possibly an HID conversion.

2004 Armada smoke
2005 Mini Cooper S smoke
1994 BMW 325 iC Blue
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Welcome to the Club. It really is awesome to hear that you found this site before you decided to buy and knew about some of the issues before purchasing. Seems like we are doing are job right and helping people make informed decisions. Keep coming back and let us know of any mods you wind up doing.
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