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just traded my 05 G35 for 06 Armada LE. I want to add 3-4 screens with individual DVD control. Not only do kids need to watch movies in the car, now they all have to watch their own!! I like the look of 2 in headrest and 1 in stock drop down, So a couple of questions. Are the headrest LCD's at risk of being damaged when flipping seats and when getting in and out? Are they at risk of being stolen, since they are in plain sight? It seems like everyone on here is using the stock location for the overhead, it appears to me when sitting in the 3rd row that the 2nd drop down would be easier to view, is it possible to put it in there instead?
Do flip downs with built-in DVD shake too much? How big should you go? If I went the flip down route I would add 4 screens (left,right,fore,aft of center console) would head liner support the weight?
Thanks in advance!
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