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Hello everyone I've been lurking for awhile and decided to join the crowd. From reading most of the post, everyone here seem to be very helpful and sincere "awesome forum".

With a second baby on the way, wife and I decided to look for a new ride. We really like the Armada but from reading all the previous post of problem with it I'm a little :( . Could someone shed me some hope? I know 04 model have issue but how about 05 & 06 ? I'm so ready to pull the trigger on this. Thank you in advance
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I agree with CampFamily. I got an '06 in January and have over 7600 miles on it. With or without a load, it is extremely safe and so far, very reliable. This is my 11th vehicle and the one that I am most satisfied with out of all of the other ones I have owned.

Welcome aboard!
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