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Hello Fellow Armadians, My name is Karl and I own a 2004 Armada Se. I bought it in July 2004 because my 96 Tahoe went KAput on me and decided it's time for a new car. I test drove one in September of '03 and said the day I buy a new one I will get on of these. So I Did.

I was lucky to get it with 20" chrome wheels (With Spinners) In which I sold the spinners two months later.

Mods so far are After market radio Pioneer with SAT Turner (also Pioneer) the transformation took less than an hour. The Sound is great. After going thru a faulty factory radio and getting it replaced, I did some research and founded out that the radio was made by clarion. I knew immediately what a Pioneer radio will do to it and it did. Here's what was bought and where you can get them

Pioneer DEH-7700 Regular price$279.00 Paid $199.00 Shipping cost $9.00

Pioneer Sat Tuner Sirius SIRPNR1- $99.00 WITH $50.REBATE
Scosche Install kit NN1451b $39.00

When you order the Kit and tuner you get the Wire harnes which was about $14.00. You get the Antennae adapter free. At least I think it was.

I'm also doing Mobile Video 2 in the Head rest 1 in the ceiling. I was supose to get them Last Fri but the place I ordered them from were being jerks and told me it will be longer but after caling them back and telling them to honor their Confirmation email that stated they will shipp 24-48 hours after pymnt. They wil red flag tomorrow.

Once in stalled I will give everyone the deytails on what we did. Because once you take out the factory radio you lose power to the rear aux. However I have the wiring Schematics and will be trying to repower it from the front. if any one has already done this please save me some time and email me. Thanks for being here and hope to be a part of the Armada family :)

Karl :amazing:
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Welcome Karl!

Sounds like a great setup! Post us some pics when you get it all done up. :)
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