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Next level performance chip

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I just bought this on ebay. Anyone else tried it yet? I trying to install this and have a few questions. First, has anyone tried to run something through the firewall? I looked and there doesn't seem to be an easy spot. Second, it attaches to the Air Temp Intake wire off the plug on the intake. Does anyone know which color wire it is? I hope to post a full review once I have this installed.
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Its a total scam. Its a 23 cent resistor that fools the computer to change the fuel curve, which in turn runs the engine rich and wastes gas. Sorry. :rolleyes:
Here's a thread on these. Get your money back.
Dual headers and dual exhaust and air filter bro. Nothing more is all you need.
There is not such a thing as "cheap" performance. :)
I recall a saying "Speed cost money, how fast do you want to spend"?:D
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