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MistaARMADA said:
well im new to the site i drive a Smoke 2005 SE with nothin on itbut plaing to fix it up and pimp it out. well back to the topic

On my armada my brakes started to squeek around 6 months of owning it and well i was pissed, but now that i brought it back to the dealer nissan came out with a new brake kit for the nissan armada, u get new rotors , new pads, new shoes, no everythingso go check it out and hook ur self up, ohh and had a couple of problems with some dash lites like the VDC, Brake, and engin service light so maybe wanna get a heads upon that
Uh, you might want to check the 5,000 posts on brake problems, the Brake fix, TSBs, etc.

Welcome. I'd start reading a few posts. ;)
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