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There are a couple of reasons for upgrading the exhaust system of your Armada. Some enthusiasts do that for a better ride or a more aggressive sound, while the others want to get the best of both worlds. Whichever your goal, quality Nissan Armada exhaust systems are half the success of your project. At Truck&Gear, we know that as nobody else, offering first-class parts for your full-size SUV. Moreover, below you can find the list of performance exhaust parts you should consider purchasing to take your ride to the next level.

1. Performance catalytic converters
Performance catalytic converters reduce the amount of work the engine must perform to push out the exhaust gasses, which translates into more power delivered to the drive wheels. That happens thanks to a lower restriction coefficient compared to stock cats.
Please be advised that not all performance catalytic converters are legal in California and New York. If you live in one of these states and are about to purchase a performance cat, request the seller to double-check if the cat is not forbidden by local law.
2. Performance mufflers
Unlike stock mufflers, their high-performance counterparts utilize another combination of dampening material, tubes, and channels to reduce exhaust sound. As a result, they are less restrictive to the exhaust flow, reducing the amount of engine power that is wasted during each exhaust stroke.
3. X-pipes
Mandrel-bent x-pipes allow for better balancing of exhaust pulses, resulting in a smooth exhaust flow and more efficient engine operation.
4. Cat-back exhausts
Running from the cats to the exhaust tip(s), a cat-back exhaust comes complete with everything you need to upgrade your exhaust. As a rule, it includes high-performance mufflers, larger diameter mandrel-bent pipes, and necessary hardware to have the trick done. While complete high-performance Nissan Armada exhaust systems usually cost a pretty penny, they ensure the ultimate performance and the best sound.

Whether you’re looking for a complete exhaust system or just a performance cat, Truck&Gear is your one-stop source for your performance needs. We provide an ever-expanding selection of parts and accessories for the Nissan Armada at fair and reasonable prices.
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