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Hey guys I'm brand new here I just got an armada and I want to put 18x10s with 1.5 inch spacers and put 33/12.5/18 tires on wanted to go with 33s and 18s( for gas mileage) I have 4wd and tow package the lift setup I am going to go with is this set up by @Invanity

Bilstein 5100 adjustable front shocks (.5", 1 1/2", 3" lift adjustments)
Part number 24-197649...Listed now by Bilstein as a direct fit for Armadas
I ordered from and received 2 days later for $94.59 per shock with free shipping (best price I could find the first week of May 2013)
Total: $189 to my door
In the 1 1/2" setting (middle one)

To match the Bilsteins in the front, I purchased 2008 Nissan Titan Pro4x 4x4 coils from based on some info from the titan guys. Basically these coils are a tad longer to compensate for the 4x4 extra weight the 08+ titans carry and when these same coils are placed on a 04-07 2wd titan...well you get a lift due to the lower weight of the truck's suspension vs a 4x4 (the spring rate is different so they dont compress as much with the weight)

For the rear coils I ordered Raybestos 589-1150 Professional Grade Coil Spring Set from Amazon as well. $106.00 shipped to my door. They are listed as "Rear Coil Springs, 4WD, PROFESSIONAL GRADE - SE" BIG THANKS to theJrod for the research on that one. They are the 2207 pound load rating heavier springs.

To the rear coils I also added:
Rancho RS70076 Quick Lift Rear Kit (79 bucks to my door from

Here is the link for the full thread Just received my Bilsteins 5100 adjustables and...

Im wondering if I should however replace the rear shocks(not sure though since this setup makes it level) or put in new control arms sway bar links etc want to keep this vehicle for good so I want to do everything right and want the vehicle to be smooth and not super rough driving 70-100 if anyone has any suggestions comments experience recommendations on this setup and lift please let me know and don't hesitate to give your advice thank you so much guys for your help!!!!

Any help guidance or comments would be greatly appreciated
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