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Nissan Gold

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I DIDNT purchase an extended warrant at the Nissan dealer during the negotiations. And dont want to worry about the beast after the factory warranty expires. WHAT IS THE cost/invoice of a 7 year / 100 k, Gold with a $50 deductible or similar coverage. WHAT DID YOU GUYS PAY? THANKS FOR ANY REPLIES.
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I got mine for $1300 for the Gold 7yr/75 miles
same thing same price, $1300 gold prefered 7/75 50ded.....
I have never purchased an extended warranty, was offered Silver for $1500, sounds like I could do much better. Not sure I want it, I better see if I really want it, they claim they are selling it to me at the employee pricing.

Check The Net Bought One For My Ford 3 Years Ago For $780 For 100k Also If You Belong To A Credit Union They Have Them Now For About $980 For 100k. If You Need Help Just E-mail Me And I Will Get You More Info.
Gold preferred 6yr/100k miles for $1975.
The 75k mile option only comes in a 5 or 6 year length.
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