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Nissan service is a joke.

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Okay I go in today for my 6th visit (probably more but that's all the tickets I could find) for a list of 15 fixes. Three of the fixes have been on the list everytime. A couple were carry overs from last time when they asked me to reschedule as they didn't have time to fix everything....actually they didn't fix anything but put in a new overhead console.

I took my wife in to sit in the passenger seat to prove to them (as they cofirmed with their light weight employee the first visit) that the passenger airbag light doesn't go off. They had her sit in another one in the shop and presto went off. Went back to mine she sat in it and nothing, until she bounced up down on the seat. Thought that was the end of it and they were going to fix it. While we were in the other Armada I point out how the drain assembly in its sunroof is solid and how for 6 visits I told them mine didn't seem right and was causing some of the roof noises as it bounces up and down.

They call back at 6:30 and say "we talked to Nissan and they want my wife to sit in 3 other armadas and if they ALL perform different than mine then they will fix it"? WTF why is it that just one is not sufficient to prove that mine is not working correctly. Why does my wife have to be 140lbs to warrant saving her life....We'll go their route tomorrow and if it doesn't go my way I will be calling one of the local TV stations to see if they are interested in doing a story.

Okay for the rest of the story, they are ordering a new drain assembly and shade rail....why did it take 6 visits for them to figure this out and I had to physically show them in side by side armadas that mine was not right? They will have to take down the headliner again...perhaps they will finish the roof TSB they only partially did previously.

Last time they put in the new overhead console and the rear controls are falling out....need to order a new one...lets me guess another 4 month wait :mad:

When they replaced the radio they chipped (not scratched) the benzel. I pointed this out last visit, but now they have to order a part....couldn't that of been done last visit?

Refused again to do the DVD shaking monitor fix, I can understand as I don't have the factory system. BUT get this they tell me $1200 for the bracket and labor if I want to do it outside of warranty......holy sh?> There is no way the part is worth more than $40 and the TSB says the labor is only 0.3hours.

This is a soooooooo frustrating! I had a first year Xterra not one warranty visit or rattle, it cost $22k I spent twice as much on the Armada and nothing but rattles and the service department run around! If I'd a bought a suburban at least I'd of known what I was getting.

Sorry for the rant.

oh while rotating the tires they tell me the brakes were bad and are putting on new pads, turning the rotors and something with the calipers. Probably wouldn't of noticed them if I hadn't asked for them to check them.
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Maybe you should mention there name and location in this post and let them know you are telling everyone that is on this forum and visitors that visit to find info before buying one to stay away from their dealership.
Oh I will be, want to get all the parts first.....if anyone want to know pm me and I will tell you who to avoid. The sales was okay but their sevice is at best inept.
Well we went back in so my Wife could sit in 3 more Armadas and two worked flawlessly one took a little shifting in the seat to go off. Since the one took a little fidigeting they are calling it in to see what Nissan wants to do. :confused: I called 1800nissan1 and complained about this and told them if it's not fixed I will be calling the local media to see if they would like to do a story on a possible safety issue with the Armada's passenger airbag. They said they would definately be following up and I should here from someone within a day or two.....we'll see I guess.

I went into the service manager and bitched about how many times I've been in and the same issues are still present and I had to hold their hands and physically point out in a side by side comparison that parts were not correct. He appologized and didn't realize I was still having issue and he would take a direct interest in the remainder of my case.

I told the service writer to give me a written estimate with part numbers for the overhead console bracket...after about 5 calls he couldn't find anyone who knew where the quote came from :confused: . I ask him if they have a book on the TSB's. We go back to the computer....after I show him where in their system the tsb is he prints it off and goes to get me a quote. It went from $1200 to $100 plus 3 hours labor. The SM says he'll put in the part if I buy it. Figure if the $100 helps solve the attic noises I'll gladly pay the $100....hopefully they finally complete everything I've been asking be fixed since April and I can fully enjoy my ride.
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If its a TSB they would have to pry $100 from my cold dead carcus before they would get it from me. That is warranty work. Please do not pay this even if its nothing to you. There is no way on God's green earth I would pay $40,000 for a vehicle and shell out money for warranty work on top of that. Its just the principal of it. I would tell them like I told the GM at the Dodge dealership a few years ago when my 01 Ram 1500 was giving me problems "If you don't fix it and fix it right in the next few days I will park it in your show room the hard way". I am no little guy either and I hope he knew I meant what I said. Needless to say my truck got fixed really quick and I did not get the normal runaround when I wanted a rental that time.
The deal with the TSB is that I didn't pay the $1600 for the crap factory DVD system. The TSB is to add a support bracket to stiffen the headliner so the monitor doesn't bounce. Since I don't have the factory dvd I'm not covered.....though some dealers are doing it for some non-oem dvd's. I'm sure my cost of $100 is probably 4x higher what the dealer has to pay so for good service some dealers are covering the cost.
Sounds familiar to me...

God these postings sound like problems I had with Isuzu 4 years ago. I got the run around for 6 months about a vibration problem that I and others had with the Rodeo. They would give me the song and dance and I would go home mad after every time I took it in. They (service writters/Reps) would acknowlege what I showed them everytime but said it was a truck and I should just accept it. I got so mad at the dealerships and reps that i sold the damn thing after having it a year. Boy did I loose as i was still upside down but I got rid of my headaches. Maybe this is why Isuzu sold almost 275k vehicles per year in the 90's and now only sell 26k a year... Hope others don't let this kind of service do the same for their businesses.
No Doubt

I agree with you m4ck, I would be screaming holy hell before I shelled out money for warranty work!

I got the run around on my Armada for the noises and ended up, after a YEAR, fixing it myself. The service guy kept telling me it was my aftermarket stereo- when in reality if they would have spent 10 minutes on it I probably would have been fixed sooner.

What is it with dealerships trying to insult the intelligence of an average consumer?
After all the hell I've gone through on this, they did the monitor bracket for free and finally, finally fixed the sunroof and all the associated noises. My only outstanding issue is the airbag sensor which they WILL eventually fix or wish they would of.

Other than the rattles and airbag issue I love it.
llajumpvid said:
After all the hell I've gone through on this, they did the monitor bracket for free and finally, finally fixed the sunroof and all the associated noises. My only outstanding issue is the airbag sensor which they WILL eventually fix or wish they would of.

Other than the rattles and airbag issue I love it.
Did the monitor bracket really fix the vibrating roof? I don't have the DVD (either factory or aftermarket), but my roof behind the sunroof vibrates like mad most of the time. Actually a bit embarrassing, everybody that rides in the back seat notices it, and comments. I've had the roof resonance TSB done, but this area still vibrates.

I had the roof tsb done as well, but before that my aftermarket dvd didn't make a pep, now it shakes like hell. But I got plans for that roof (dynamat) and that should nip it in the bud. I guess there is two parts to the tsb and if you claim to have the roof issue and don't mention that your dvd is shaking they won't give the second half of the tsb. From my understanding they can say your aftermarket dvd is causing the problems and basically tell you to go away.
Once again...disapointed

Well this was my 9th trip to the dealer...I think I've lost count so it's likely more than this. This trip was to get the overhead console clips replaced as it keeps falling down in the middle and for my wife to sit in three Armadas to verify the passenger seat sensor...for the 3rd time! She will now have sat in 7 and they all worked correctly so they had damn well better of documented EVERYTHING this time and there is no more "it's within specs" BS !!!!!! I'm suppose to find out Monday what they are going to do.

Now for the disapointment. After two hours they bring out my car and I look at it looks good I think, except for the greasy foot prints all over the doors and the back of the center console. The service manager (who is a good guy but has crap for support personel) goes and gets something to clean it up. While I'm waiting I notice the front of the overhead console seems to have a lot of play in it. I tell the SM about it and ask if they are sure its back together correctly? He asked the tech "if there were any left over parts" which I knew there weren't as there are only 4 bolts which I can see. I say okay I may be mistaken and just don't remember it being so loose. So as I'm driving out I try to open the sunroof shade and it only goes back 3/4 of the way :clueless: I'm thinking these guys are as I turn around! They take it back to the shop where after 15minutes I walk back to see if I can show them how it should be done. They are pulling on things and pushing up on the headliner trying to see what the problem is. I tell them I think they have the wiring harness in the way. So the tech pops the control out and sure enough....but I'm irritated that he pulled the controls out as the last time they did it they broke it. So he messes around with it some more and then forces the controls back in...I hear a snap and know it's broke AGAIN.
Well at least I can open the sunroof now, but the center of the console won't stay snapped up anymore...which is what I orignally came in for. :usuck: . I'm tired of it and say just leave it we'll deal with that when you fix the passenger seat next trip in.

Well when I get home I take the overhead down and use a couple of self taping metal screws to bolt the center of the overhead bracket to the center support (like it should of been designed in the first place), and reroute the harnesses. I put some silicone to try and hold the rear controls in place as the broke the bottom clips. I put everything back less than 20 minutes and wallah it's perfect! :fantastic

Oh and all four of the bolts they put in are cross treaded too. I just hope they don't strip out. I think the extra stability I added should reduce some of the load but again "they suck"

I can't believe how lame these techs are that work on my car :crikey: . I can do a better job, granted I consider myself handy but I don't do this for a living like they do.

If there are any Nissan tech reading this I'm not insulting the whole lot of you just the stupid ones. And fyi if you need to take the overhead console down DO NOT POP OUT THE FRONT CONTROLS! All you need to do is take the front and back screws out drop it down so it is hanging on the front hook and undo the harnesses. Now if you take one down that has the TSB bracket for the DVD do the customer a favor and put a couple of screws in the center where it passes the middle roof support (where the old bracket connected). It makes a HUGE difference. I'm talking without the bracket the acceptability of the roof shake was like a 3 and with it a 6 at best. By adding these two screws it's a 10! It's as stable as the front overhead console now.

Sorry for the rant....but ahhhhhhhh I feel better now. This site is like my online shrink..
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WOW, what a drag

llajumpvid, I gotta feel for you. These techs make pretty good money I think? It is just amazing that they can have so little common sense and/or pride in their work. Our Armada is going in to a new dealer for the first time in a week or so, I hope they are at least a little better than the one we bought from. Anybody out there had good service from a SF east bay dealer (Livermore-Dublin area)?
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