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Nissan should check for all TSBs @ service time?

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It seems to me that Nissan should, when I bring my Mada in for *any* service, check *all* the TSBs, and see if I need anything done. If so, then let me know and get me scheduled for the fix(es).

I know this would be more costly, and some of them are based on whether symptoms are found (i.e., subjective), but they should still check them, and let me know if they find anything.

Otherwise, I have to sift through them, figure out which ones are relevant (2005 model year), and then decide if I want to go fight with the dealership to get the problem(s) fixed.

I dont' mind fighting if I have to, but they should be proactive with this stuff.

Any opinions? I'm thinking of taking it in and saying something like " I know there are X number of TSBs published, please see which of these are relevant and let's get them done". I wonder how they'd react - probably tell me out of hand that none are relevant, and wait to see if I return..
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I went to my local dealer, Douglas Nissan in Huntington Beach, CA and they looked up all TSB's and askeed if i experienced any and fixed everything. They also checked all history with Nissan.
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