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Nissan vs Aftermarket (floormats)?

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Ok .. for those of you who have been through a wet season. I want to get a set of floormats (rugged/rubber stuff). I know I can get a set at the dealer or go for aftermarket.

Those w/ Nissan set .. do you like them? Would you get them again?

Those w/non-Nissan .. what kind (brand) ? Why? Would you select them again or go for something different?

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LOL .. I decided to check out the "brother site" .. clubtitan.

From this thread ..

Weathertech 0 (none reported)
Nissan OEM 2 (2 give 'em +)
Husky .. 2 (2 seem happy w/em .. but more plastic than rubber)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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