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Nitto 420s

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Is anyone running nitto 420s tires on their madas? Can you tell me if you are happy with the tire and also if they are quiet.....
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Don't know about the 420's :D but my terra grapplers are very quiet and are probably the best tires I've put on a vehicle.
Hey, adjmcloon: I am glad to hear good things about the Grapplers. I am in serious tire shopping mode right now and am soliciting advice on replacements for either 18 or 17 inch rims. I am not intending to go with "pretty" as i am more likely to go where it's a little "ugly" and rocky. I have had a few flats with the POS Conti's - they are getting replaced. I am thinking BFG ATs but the Grapplers look really tough - any comment?
In my opinion you will absolutely Love the terra grapplers. We really beat the hell out of my Armada when hurricane Rita came through. The tires, anyway- I can't tell you how much tree and other debris I ran over with the Nitto's (unavoidable) and they've never even so much as leaked a pound of air. Plus I think they look super cool. :D
I have Nitto 420S 305/45/22's on my rig.
They're very quiet, and based on their treadwear rating, should last a while.
They do tend to pick up more pebbles and spew them out in the wheel wells than other tires I've had.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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