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Thanks for the add.! Debating getting a 1st gen 07 se 4wd 131k miles for $5500. Finally got to see it in person and it's definitely used lol. Dude brought it entirely stuffed to the b pillar with garbage from floor to roof like a damn speaker box wall... stank n all. Covered in mould and tree matter. Some physical damage like busted pass side mirror, scratches to metal down pass side, cracked dash. It had some rust on the front of roof typical to these n T's imo. In general it was rough but I beat my rides up anyway. So if I can get the price down some I'd be up for it still... we'll see this week. Just wanted to stop in but I'm a couple beers deep from when I started this thread hours ago lol anyway thanks guys!

Also had a 1st gen 05 T for years, had fun with it, got it new, played a bit with it, longtubes, programmer, lift, prg stuff, ice, the norm. I'll post pix when I'm sober at some point soon 馃嵑馃槑馃馃徑
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