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For all of you Northern California Nissan owners out there, here is my review of Shingle Springs Nissan-Subaru. They are located just off Hwy 50 in Shingle Springs, CA. I’ve waited a while before I wrote this because I wanted to see how they would take care of the damage they inflicted on my Armada during warranty work I had them do.

On the morning of 12/28/04, I took my 2004 Armada into Shingle Springs Nissan for the following warranty repair work:

1. Fuel gauge inoperable / stuck on full
2. DVD Monitor shake
3. Booming air pressure noise inside cab
4. Brakes vibrate when used
5. Vibration in steering wheel at highway speeds
6. Rattle from drivers door
7. Rattle from passenger seat
8. Rattle from rear hatch
9. Climate control knobs not lighted when headlights on
10. Clicking noise from rear wheel area when traveling 1-10mph
11. Drivers seat bottom cushion feels like it tilts to the left

The Service Writer I first dealt with was “James.” He was decent enough to deal with, but I could tell he thought I was on of those PIA type customers. He acted surprised about all of the problems I had with the Armada at only 3020 miles. James didn’t seem to be up on the latest TSB’s or problems people have been having with the Armada. He didn’t really want to hear what I had to say about the TSB’s or that others have been having the same problems.

James didn’t even offer me a loaner vehicle or ride to work. Nothing. I would have thought it would cross his mind since my vehicle was going to be out of commission for several days due to poor quality by Nissan. I waited to see if he would offer, but he didn’t. I didn’t specifically ask because I had a ride and another vehicle lined up. Then again I shouldn’t have too ask.

On the evening of 12/30/04, I picked up my Armada. The following is the disposition of the repair work:

1. Fuel gauge inoperable / stuck on full - Replaced fuel sending unit. Fixed
2. DVD Monitor shake - Fixed per TSB.
3. Booming air pressure noise inside cab – Fixed per TSB.
4. Brakes vibrate when used – Fixed per TSB. (It's back after 1K miles)
5. Vibration in steering wheel at highway speeds –balanced tires. Not fixed
6. Rattle from drivers door – Couldn’t duplicate. (It's loud)
7. Rattle from passenger seat- Retightened mount bolts. Fixed (so far).
8. Rattle from rear hatch – Fixed per TSB.
9. Climate control knobs not lighting – Replaced CC module. Fixed
10. Clicking noise at rear wheel 1-10mph –Couldn’t duplicate. (unbelievable
11. Drivers st. bottom cushion feels like it tilts to the left – cushion normal
(It must be my a$$ thats crooked then)

When I picked up my Armada it was dark outside. I did a quick check of the exterior and opened the back hatch to place my jacket in the back. Lucky I did. There was grease all over. I grabbed my trusty Maglight and saw that it was on the headliner, carpet and plastic interior trim. I went in an advised James of the damage. He gave me the old line “I sent it to my detail guys.” This was a load of BS. Nobody except a lazy, sloppy mechanic with grease all over him had been in the vehicle. He then sent a detail guy out to clean it up. The detail guy sprayed some kind of stuff on the carpeted back of the rear seat and stared to rub it with a stiff bristled brush. It was ruining the seat back so I told him to stop. He was just going to cause more problems.

The next day I did a more complete inspection. Not only had they left grease all over, but also they had scratched multiple interior trim panels and had ruined both of my exterior running boards. They had used the running boards to stand on in front of each door while they removed the headliner. The scratches were so bad that it left the areas almost white looking.

I drove back to the dealership again and showed the Service Manager, Greg. He asked a detailer to come out and try to repair the running boards and interior. I told him not to touch the interior. The guy just smeared something like Armor All on the running boards. Of course that didn’t do anything. Greg said they would replace the running boards and interior pieces. He said he would order them.

The parts came in several weeks later and I made another trip up to Shingle Springs for damage repair. I wasn’t really treated as well as I feel I should have been. They had the parts replaced and never really acknowledged that damage had been done. I’m not looking for someone to kiss my A$$, but a simple acknowledgement of the hassle they put me through would have been appreciated.

I left Shingle Springs Nissan with the feeling that they wouldn’t miss me if I didn’t return. So… I won’t.

I also contacted the Nissan help line to try and get my drivers seat fixed. A case file number was assigned and I was told a “Regional Rep.” would be calling me. The guys name was “Aaron” and I think the A$$ was eating while he was on the phone with me. I didn’t want to start a war, so I didn’t tell him what I thought of his lack of professionalism.

Aaron informed me he spoke to the Service Mgr., Greg, at Shingle Springs Nissan and they felt there was nothing wrong with the seat cushion. He told me to try my luck at another area dealership. He started to give me the line that Nissan had never had a problem like that before. Of course I told him that was BS. I told him I could pull up at least twenty Titan and Armada owners that have had problems with the left leaning or poorly cushioned drivers seat from Internet Forums. He didn’t seem to want to hear that.

I think I’ll have to fix my drivers seat myself as well as hunt down all of the squeaks and rattles the deaf Nissan mechanics at Shingle Springs couldn’t hear.

I bought this Armada to get away from GM issues. But, I ‘ve never been treated as poorly by GM as I have by Nissan. Unless Nissan quality and customer service improves dramatically, I’ll be spending my hard earned money on another brand. Probably Toyota.

For what its worth, Nissan has already lost two Armada sales after I informed two guys in my neighborhood about the poor quality and customer service I’ve encountered. Both crossed the Armada off their list and within the week one had bought a new Yukon XL and the other an Expedition. I wish them luck.

Northern California Nissan owners beware.


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I've heard that the Nissan dealership in Roseville is pretty good. Let me know how it goes when you take your Armada in for service.

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I am taking my Armada to the dealership I bought her from. The service rep handling my car stated that Nissan does not offer loaner cars. I have had bad experiences from day 2 from this dealership. This is all BS. I wouldn't mind so much, but this car is supposed to be "new"!!!
Whats the name of the dealership(s) you're talking about?
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