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BlakSpyda said:
I was a little of a BAD BOY and got busted a coulpe of time. Retired E-6! If I had kept my mouth shut, I probably would have made E-8 or 9!

Good thing my civilian job coud give a --it about what rank I was. Doing great now! REALLY BLESSED!
LOL, I hope you weren't in direct violation of the UCMJ, hehehe j/k. My worst was I got caught going AWOL during NCO academy, LOL went to a carnival after debreifing. Glad to hear that you are doing great. Well, you out rank me, so what's the op with the meet, hehehe? That is unless there's a ClubArmada owner from our area that is in Congress then they outrank us, LOL.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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