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Not a lot of traffic on this forum.

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I noticed that there was not a lot of the traffic/posts lately on this forum after the site was upgraded? Did anyone having issues logging in to post/reply any messages? Or it is just a typical slow season. :) I was having issue logging when the forum was upgraded and I have to reset my password in order to get back in.

Just a thought. Please don't ban me. :)
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PumaFiveOh said:
I know I had a lot of issues. Some cookie setting wasn't alowing me to login, and I couldn't tell anyone that I was having issues because I didn't have the webmasters e-mail address.

I kept getting, thank you for logging in....then it would automatically log me back out. I had to mess with a lot of my IE settings until it finally worked. And deleting cash and cookies didn't work either (tried that first).
At least I know I am not "crazy" :comp26: I had exactly the same issue that you were having. Logged in successfully and got kicked out again and not able to post or reply any message. Messing with cookies, and cache did not help. I have to use the forum web site to request for password reset in order to resolve my issue.

m4ck, do you have any contact point where people could let you know that there were having issue loggin into the forum. Last time I tried to email you but the mail was rejected. Not sure what was the reason.
scr38 said:
Several things are going on. After being hacked again, M4ck is making several changes. He has updated the software and hardware and has secured new security procedures. This has caused some resetting of parameters. You do need to go into your browser and clear cookies. Then when you come back to CA you must login with user and password. Be sure to check the box to remember you. Also if your avatar is not displaying you need to go into your profile and reload it. Do these changes from the forums page, not the home page. You may have noticed that many links didn't work after the upgrade; this has now been fixed.
Please understand that all this takes a lot of time and hard work from M4ck. Like most, he has a regular full time job and family to take care of. He is spending a great amount of time, and money, to provide us with this forum. Please hang on while he irons out all the wrinkles!
Don't get me wrong. I love this web site, I admire this forum and I really appreciate the administrator(s) and moderators who build, maintain and improve this web site. I know you guys work hard, have family and a full time job. I am in no mean to come in and criticize the great work that you have done. :goodjob: :awesome: :amazing:
When the number of posts/activities on this web site suddenly decreased/dropped dramitically, it brings some concerns. I am just sharing my concern and hoping the mods or the administrator are aware of this issue and address it quickly.

Just my $0.02.

Cheers !!!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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