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Not New but it's my Brakes!!!

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I thought I could avoid the old brake issue with the Armada. I bought a brand new '05 in May and the brakes are starting act up (10K). I got 75,000 on my front pads with my Explorer.....good news it that I called the dealer and they said no need checking them we will order the parts and let you know when they come in and set up an appointment.

I think Nissan has given in and just replaces any Aramada brake issue!!

Just food for thought!

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We bought our Armada in early April 05 (05 model) and got brakejudder around 2200 miles, which is consistent with several others. They were replaced around 2700 as it got pretty shaky and the new "fix" is much smoother. If you bought in May of 05 good chance you have old rotors. So no worries,new ones fix it. Search the forum and you should be able to find the serial # indicating the start of new rotors.
As for uneven tire wear, I have read that for the Armada you need to religiously rotate every 3750 (per spec) also tire pressure etc and the fact that stock tires suck all play a part.
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