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Not New but it's my Brakes!!!

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I thought I could avoid the old brake issue with the Armada. I bought a brand new '05 in May and the brakes are starting act up (10K). I got 75,000 on my front pads with my Explorer.....good news it that I called the dealer and they said no need checking them we will order the parts and let you know when they come in and set up an appointment.

I think Nissan has given in and just replaces any Aramada brake issue!!

Just food for thought!

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You know I haven't checked the tires but here are my symptom:

Pretty severe pulsing of the brakes resulting in a jerk, jerk , jerk to a stop. Enough to move your head back and forth.

Shaking of the steering wheel especially coming down from over 65.....not real bad but it didn't do it when it was new and it is getting worse.

Some times when I brake I start to stop and then without letting up on the brake it is as if they just release and I go for about 20 feet and then they grab again.

Like I said ealier I drive like a granny and have gotten over 75K on my explorer front pads................With the brake history I didn't hesitate and called and they are going to replace them.......

Good luck and I wouldn't wait...take them back and have Nissan take care of it!!

Be safe this weekend!!

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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