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Not New but it's my Brakes!!!

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I thought I could avoid the old brake issue with the Armada. I bought a brand new '05 in May and the brakes are starting act up (10K). I got 75,000 on my front pads with my Explorer.....good news it that I called the dealer and they said no need checking them we will order the parts and let you know when they come in and set up an appointment.

I think Nissan has given in and just replaces any Aramada brake issue!!

Just food for thought!

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Right Front Feathering

gabe2 said:
I was wondering if you were getting strange tire wear on one of the front , or both, of the front tires? Also, a little shaking after you come down from a hill? I purchased my 2005 in April and have 4500 miles on it. I had the allignment check last weekend at Big O Tires and they said it was in spec, so now I'm starting to wonder. Can you please tell me if you had this experience with yours. Thanks. Have a great and safe 3 day weekend everyone!

I happened to be airing up the tires today and noticed feathering on the outside edge of the right front tire. Is this what you are talking about. Kinda strange to me too. Left front looked relatively okay. I am going to rotate tires soon. I'm at about 6000 miles. Want to keep even wear.
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