Selling a set of Bio Kustoms 2 and a 1/2 inch OEM spindle drop with 2 inch Spring Tech lower spring set for front and rear. The Spindle Drops will lower the front of the Armada/Qx56 maintaining the oem front spring/shocks without compromising the ride quality. These are pretty heavy in person pickup would be best. Shipping these would be most likely 130+ because of the weight, I would prefer to meet up half way or someone local to pick these up. I am located in NorCal East Bay Area.

Here are some pictures with them installed on my QX my set up was
Front: Sprindle Drops with OEM Spring and Bilstien 5100
Rear: Spring tech 2inch Lowering springs
Sky Wheel Tire Car Vehicle

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Wheel Sky Tire Car Vehicle

OEM Spindle Drops and Spring tech Springs
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Rectangle Wood Box Beige Packaging and labeling