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I just wanted to let everyone know about this awsome place that can retrofit our oem headlights with REAL Bi-XENON HID headlights. The way I look at it is why get an HID kit for about $400 when you can get the real thing and know what you are going to get (HID LIGHTING) for a couple of hundred dollars more. Check out the pics. This is the link to the place that does this awsome work. The HID's on these pics are exactly what the 05-06 Nissan Maxima is equiped with. So you know what you are going to get. Also this was the price that they gave me.

$450 Hella HID system including Hella Bi xenon projectors (brand new parts with warranty)
$400 Rretrofit customization cost (most Japanese and German import)
$75 Type S projector enclosure (please check and
$50 Return shipping and handling within the US

This is another website that is good if you want to learn more about HID's


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