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Oil Pressure light reads H all the time

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It just happened today, I looked down at the oil pressure light and it read H the entire time I drove home. The vehicle was warmed up to operating temp. I checked the oil level, and everything was within range. I tried to call the service dept. for an appointment but got their voicemail. Customer service at its finest, I guess that is what happens when you buy two new Nissans ( Armada & Murano ). Luckily the Murano has been ok. Any input as to the problem would be helpful.
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You must have had it floored the whole way home.
The gauge does move quite a bit as you accelerate, bit it shouldn't stay pegged at H. I guess it's better than being pegged at L. ;)
Could be a faulty sending unit or gauge.
I wouldn't worry unless it happens consistently.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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