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Okay, it's official!

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I bought a pre-owned 04 LE today. Has everything but Navigation and Satellite (though the husband bought me one!! ;) ). So far *very* excited! For some reason, the owners manual wasn't in it (apparently my sales guy took it out to review it before I came in today), so I'm struggling to figure things out. I've got the basics, but I'lll be looking forward to getting the manual from them.

My only 'oh I'm going to miss my durango' moment today was when I put the kiddo in her seat in the second row and could no longer reach back to her to get her bink in her mouth. She was sooo far away!!! :D

Boy am I going to be happy I have that DVD. At least I can calm her with that!!!

It even fits in the garage. That rocks. I do have to pull my drivers side mirror in, but I think when there's not another car in the driveway I'll be able to slide by without doing that. Yippeeee!
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Welcome to ClubArmada. You can download a free copy of the Owner's Manual by going to and navigate over the owners link, and you will see Guides and Manuals link at the bottom..
Hey thats great, welcome, some pictures please :cool:
hey welcome! post sum pics whenever u have time :)
Thanks for the welcomes! I'll post some pics as soon as it friggin' stops snowing and I take 'the bus' out of the garage. As much as I'd have liked to play in the new snow (15 inches of it!), I didn't feel like ruining my new wax/wash job from the dealer.

On the plus, I did install my satellite radio today - ran wire all over the place. Not a bad job for a girl (yeah, I know, anyone can do it!!!). :D
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