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I’ve been doing a ton of research and have settled on the Armada to tow our future travel trailer, which will be about 29 feet and 7000-7500 pounds fully loaded. (I’d get WDH, sway control, etc)
I had always assumed I’d get ‘17 or newer because of the newer body, sharp looks, etc. But I am realizing there are plenty of people towing with older Armadas, and I could save quite a bit of money. Here’s how I see it-
17+: Sharper look, not as boxy, a little shorter wheelbase and maybe easier for my wife to drive. SL level is what I’d look for. Newer technology.
15-: save a lot of money, I’d upgrade to platinum edition. Slightly longer wheelbase for better towing(?) and possibly a little more towing capability. But more mileage and bigger frame. Also older technology.
16: transition year? Not sure. Similar to 15?

So what are your observations on the comparisons. What outweighs what in your opinion? Thanks!!
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