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I'm in the process of purchasing a Nissan SUV, 04 armada vs 05 pathfinder. armada +'s discount in price and more room, -'s gas (right?) / pathfinder +'s gas (v6), -'s price and less room.

Any one compared gas usage between the two?

Any info would be really appriciated. Thanks

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Well don't buy an Armada for fuel efficeincy because you won't get it. If fuel is a selling point for you then you will be dissapointed in the Armada. If you require the extra room and the power for pulling then get the Armada. There is nothing wrong with the 05 Pathfinder but I for one would want the extra space and power.
Same Here

We were in the same situation last week.
After sitting in the 05 Pathy and the 04 Armada the difference in room is vast.
Difference in monthly payments was a mere $20 a month more for the Armada.
Screw it, 6 miles more per gallon at the most was not a deal breaker for us especially when you get a 4.0 vs 5.6.
After a while you will see a lot more Pathys than Armadas.
Reasons for Purchase

Here is some of the reasons you do not wish to buy the Armada
Gas Millage
Gas Millage
Gas Millage
Limited Parking Area

Here are some of the reason for buying the Armada
Roomy Interior
Reliable Nissan Track Record
Only 40000 per year sold. This is for those that want to have a SUV that you ussuly dont see. One that will maintain your individuality.
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My Armada fits in the garage! Woo hoo!

At 6'6" - you have to keep an eye on overhead clearances at parking garages, but hasn't been an issue in the first year of ownership.

Go big!
LOL at 6'6" I have to watch parking garages. hehe

Uhh, have not really considered that. Guess I have to actualy watch for this now. My S/C Frontier always fit, sure hate to not think and scrap the top up.
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