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atm said:
The 4x4 option is something that I'd likely buy. I live in SoCal, but do enjoy travelling to the snow. Hitting the 4x button is a lot nicer than putting on chains. That said, I'd likely only use it 0.01% of the time, so it's not a critical feature.

My only concern is fuel encomy. Since the Armada gets fairly poor ratings already, I'd be worried that I'd drop 2+ MPG more with a 4x4.

Not to go here again, but I will anyhow. I get 13mpg with a 4x4 driving in 2wd city. 4x4 is a must in the NW for us, skiing, boat ramps (paved, slimey and dirt/gravel all included) pulling into traffic on wet streets (switch into Auto) etc.
Features I really like:leather, heated seats, power liftgate, backup beepers (don't have camera), engine/drivetrain, drives nice for a honkin big SUV. Ez to park (relative).
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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