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Ordered the Gibson

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After lots of looking and asking questions I just ordered the Gibson single SS cat back system for my Armada (Gibson # 612209). It appears this system will give gains in the low RPM range where I want it. I paid $475.00, delivered. I will try to take pictures when I make the install and report back.
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There is no dyno near; I live in a small city. The only other mod is a K&N drop in filter. I do lots of highway driving and have checked fuel mileage on every tank since I bought the Armada. I hope I can see a small increase with the Gibson system; will have to burn several tanks to be sure.
It's been two weeks since I ordered the Gibson system and I haven't heard anything from the place I ordered it from. After two emails I got a reply today. They don't have any in stock and couldn't tell me when my system will be shipped. That doesn't instill much confidence in their service. I won't name the company until I get the system; want to give them time to get it to me. I will report back with positive or negative feedback, and name the company and the people I have dealt with.
They had the best price, but that's not worth anything if they can't deliver!
29 days after I placed the order my Gibson system is finally on the way to me. :) I got the tracking number this morning after about 6 emails. I gave the vendor a deadline of yesterday to ship or refund my money. I checked the tracking number and the system is scheduled to be delivered Sat.,so maybe I will have time to install it by the middle of the week. I will post back after the installation.
I got mine from . They list the price at about $536.00, but they sold it to me for $475.00, shipped directly from Gibson. They say they will beat other prices. I found a system on eBay for about 480.00, so I asked if they would beat the price. That's when they gave me the $475.00 price (delivered).
You will like it. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
I installed the resonator. Don't think removing it will result in any noticable power gains, but will probably increase drone, or make it "raspy". I have no plans to remove mine.
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