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Ouch The Pain

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Just filled my Armada tank for the second time (still running in), wow this thing drinks juice. First tankfull got me 13.5 mpg second fill up 10 mpg, is this normal? I have been driving it like a granny, not using more than 3000rpm and only light throttle most of the time, plus the odd 3/4 throttle burst. I would hate to find out what it does if I drove it like I had stolen it?

Good job petrol only costs a buck a gallon here.

One other thing, the suspension feels very soft. Hit a dip on the highway and it wallows about (front to back), feels like it is running on springs with no damping (very bouncy like an old Yank tank), does anyone else suffer this? The Yukon SLT auto ride I just sold was a far better handler and much better comfort (plus I averaged 18mpg)
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Soft ride in Mada?!?!?!? I find it kinda stiff in my Q just a tad. Man a buck a gallon seems nice, about $3.40 here in california im driving super careful, i averaged 20 mpg.
try using a diferent gassome gas companys make cheap gas and sell it cheap but if u keep using it they make the money use cheveron or shell its what i use i know arco and texaco suck major balls i bet half of the gas they sell is water
I use Valero or Arco, their both cheap and have same quality as 76 and other high quality brands. I gotta disagree with you about arco gas, i think its really good actually.
I wasn't trying to insult Americans when I said your cars are built down to a price, just stating the differences to yours and the European markets. If you compare the fit and finish of the American built Merc ML to German made Mercs you will see what I mean. Also at work we have American made Fords which are very plasticy and poorly finished compared to the same model from Europe, but they cost half the price and that is what I mean.
You must be num somewhere in your body by no means does an Armada have a soft ride, Sure it does have a bit of body roll in the bends but what kinda of fullsize 5,000+ pound SUV doesnt. O yea when you stated it had too much road feedback to the steering wheel, that kinda the point :crikey: . Besides what good driver doesnt want a lot of feedback from the steering . If your complaining about the interior so much why did you get an Armada? THe Qx56's is a bit better with wood and higher quality leather and all those other bits. Do you have anything good to say about this car? Since your used to driving Mercs and stuff what do you think about the HUGE power increase from your average 350 Merc or even 430!

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