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Just curious if anyone else ordered their Armada from the factory and what kind of delays/problems you had with the experience.

We ordered ours on 3-2-05, because we wanted a 4x4 LE, tech, split bench, white with tan leather and that combo did not exist in the entire western united states. At the time they quoted us a 60 day wait. That's less than a child normally takes, why not!

Near the end of March I found out that a Las Vegas dealership was getting in an order identical to mine. I informed my dealer of the good news, and he subsequently contacted the Vegas dealer and worked out a trade that would get that Vegas truck here to Phoenix. It was supposed to arrive in Vegas, per the tracking computer, on April 8th.

Then that changed to April 11th....then April 14th...."uh sir, it shows it will be in on April 19th!"

It's nowhere to be found. They don't know where it is. How Nissan can lose track of a 40K vehicle is beyond me. As of today, that truck is three weeks I called today to see how my original order was going, since that was almost 60 days ago. They tell me Nissan can't give them a date for delivery because it isn't scheduled to be built yet.


Is this the typical Nissan experience, or does most everyone just compromise and settle for a truck that didn't meet all their criteria?
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