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Hey folks, I just went through a 6" Rough Country lift on my Armada, took it for alignment today and immediately after starting I saw the service engine soon light on the dash. It was NOT there when I dropped it of (I am a stickler about always looking at the dash for signals of issues).

All I can find on the interwebs about it is :
Error Code P0460 is defined as Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Malfunction. Meaning, there’s a discrepancy detected between the fuel gauge and the actual fuel level of the tank, which could be caused by a problem in the fuel sensor.

Anyone had this issue before, and I can't imagine anything with lifting it would cause such an error, but I can't ignore the coincidence.

Thoughts?! Thanks in advance folks!

I cleared the code on this one, seeing if it comes back - Fingers crossed it was just a random hickup.
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