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Painting dash plastic - help?

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I am planning on painting my front air vents and the big plastic piece that surrounds the stereo a glossy jet black or maybe a silver... unfortunately, I haven't a clue where to start. I figured that the plastic should be easy enough to paint without cracking or chipping. Anyone willing to give an ameteur some tips? :D Thanks!!
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I think there are vinyl dyes or paints made specifically for painting dashes usually available at auto stores.
You've got more guts than I. As easy as the dash comes apart why not take the pieces to a custom shop and have them spray it for you. I would think if they don't have to take it apart and only shoot it, the cost would be reasonable. Probably take them less than 30 minutes to do. Myself, I'd pay to have someone who does it on a daily basis vs. worrying about drips, runs, durability etc....I enjoy the satisfaction of doing everything I can myself (translation I'm cheap :D ) but painting the vents and getting everything evenly painted...I wouldn't trust myself.
Keep us posted on what you find out and photos of the final product. :)
I've been looking around online and it seems to be harder than I might have thought at first... Maybe something less permanent, or visual, lol. I think I'm gunna put it off and play around with other customizations first. If anyone else out there gets it done though, let us know!!
I posted a link some time ago on a custom armada that tweeter had done. I think I titled it "let the drooling begin". That armada had the dash painted black.
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