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I have found the passenger seat lacking in that the front edge is too low letting peopole or items slide off and lumbar support is nil. I guess Nissan was more interested in the utility of the seat back folding forward flat and forgot the primary purpose of the seat.

My fixes:

To raise the front edge, purchase a supply of large fender washers and longer bolts. Remove the front bolts and almost remove the back ones. Stack up enough fender washers in the front to reach a comfortable hight. The front bolt angles are difficult so I hack-sawed the last few into "U"s so I can could slide them in after the bolts were started. I raised my front seat about and inch and a half. A little more might be better.

To add lumber support, remove the plastic tray on the seat back. It is held into place by two plastic snaps on each side at the bottom. Pull straight up and it will release. At the top it simply slides into two notches. The fabric in back is cleverly clipped together and separates easily. Two horizontal springs will then be exposed. Your goal is to insert some sort of padding between the springs and the foam. I started with an airline pillow (yep, stole it) but it added too much. For now I have settled for a neatly folded bath towel. Ideally, high density foam would probably work best. Since it so easy to access the lumbar area you can experiment until you get it just right.

Going to 1200 miles this weekend, so I'll know then how it all works.
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