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Passenger Seat Problem

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My passenger seat wiggles and shakes. I have had the frame replaced and it's better but not good. The dealer agrees with me but doesn't have a fix. Any fixes? I am thinking of replacing the seats with aftermarket one. Any help on either would be wonderful :(
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Make the dealer get it right. It took two trips for us to get satisfaction for some creaking and groaning out of the passenger seat. Now it is fine. I'd keep the thumb screws on them until it's fixed. It's not like the rest of the Armada fleet doesn't have a decent seat up front.
I also have a creaking noise with my driver's seat. Took it to the dealer and they ordered a new seat back for me. Will let you know if it took care of the creaking noise. It's very irritating because it sounds like an old rocking chair.
Same problem

I'm having the exact same problem with my seats. Ordering a new seatback fixed the passenger seat, so they are ordering one for the drivers seat as well. I've been waiting for it about a month now...
Passenger Seat sqeaking - non leather seat

Nissan fixed problem by welding a bar that was making the sqeak in the seat.
Me too! My wife noticed it after we had leather installed. Is it the horizontal or vertical (backrest) part of the seat?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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