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Picked up my SE 4x4 7/2

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I've admired this truck for a while now and I love it..wanna add a dvd in the factory location and a navigation system..BTW I purchased a 2005
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Touche on getting the 2005, you likely avoided several headaches. Welcome to the board!
Will it be possible to share how much you paid for the MADA?
the sticker said 39,400(est)..Talked him down to 37,000 - the 2000 rebate got it for 35
New Here-questions About My 05 Armada

Greetings! Just picked up our new Armada 7/16. Thought it was a bit out of our price range, but stumbled across one that was pretty bare. Yes, I know, not too exciting without the great stereo system, sirrius satellite radio, leather, etc....but it's still an ARMADA! :D MSRP was $37K. Got it for $31K after negotiating and also $2K rebate. I believe invoice was $34K. Galaxy. Love it. But....can a better stereo system be added? How 'bout sirrius satellite radio? Would love to add those items. Can it be done? :confused:

Thanks! :clueless:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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