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I don't think it feels or looks *that* much bigger than an Expedition - but my friend who owns one says it seems slightly bigger to him.

It's def bigger than my Durango was. I just turned it in Saturday, I should have taken a picture. A friend of ours has one, I'll try to get one next to hers this week some time.

It's def bigger, heavier feeling than my Durango was. Honestly, it's actually nice to have that feeling. Most of the typical SUVs I drove are so light they sort of jump all over the road all the time. Not so with the Armada. I didn't dislike my Durango per se. It's just a different bird than the Armada. The Durango was more truck-like than say a Trailblazer (Chevy) or a 4-Runner (I can take a pic of that too, my mom has one), but it's no where near as truck-like as the Armada. The Armada is closer to feeling like my F-350 crew cab dually was than feeling like a SUV.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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