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Peter said:
I don´t yet own an Armada. But hopefully soon.
Has anyone got limks to pictures of the Armada next to other SUV´s, such as the Nav/Exp, Tahoe/Yukon, Durango .....
I really like the size and looks of the Armada. But here in Sweden there is no one for sale, so i can´t go see one myself.
Does anyone have links to comparisons/tests between the Armada vs. other SUV´s?
Is the 4wd taller than the 2wd?
What is the difference between a 2004 se 2wd and "the offroad version"? Looks and specs.

You might try looking up comparison tests from magazines such as Car and Driver, Road and Track, 4 wheel drive etc. When new models come out (like the '04 Armada, or the new Durango) they will do comparison tests and may have photos of the different vehicles taken together. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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