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I can't believe it. Of all the low down dirty things that could be done, I had to see it this morning. I walked out to my Armada this morning at 5 o'clock to drive to work, I noticed a black piece of plastic on the ground in front of my tire. I didn't think nothing about it just trying not to run it over. I get in, start the truck up and check my mirrors. My drivers side mirror glass was missing and the plastic assy. was bent forward like it was hit. I then looked on the ground for the mirror thinking it was a hit and run. That black piece of plastic that was in front of my tire turned out to be the glass mirror upside down. I checked it out and the bottom of the mirror was cracked with other cracks coming out of it. The initial crack was concave from the bottom. It was at a sharp point on the bottom of the glass in the middle. Me and some of my co-workers concluded that it was shot by a bb or pellet gun. I was pissed. Now I have to order the mirror through Nissan at $180 for the full assy. I plan on replacing it myself instead of Nissan charging me $50 for labor. I was hoping ya'll could give me any instructions on the proper way to replace the mirror. Thanks for any help ya'll give me.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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