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Hi all. Just picked up our new 2004 LE 4x4 with DVD, Sunroof, Tow and Acc. pkg (showroom example, so had a few hundred butts slide in and out of it) and are fairly pleased. Being new to this segment we really have no complaints. Been reading this board for the last month and we're well aware of what we were getting into (I.E. brakes, windows, squeaks and rattles) but are placing our trust in Nissan for these squawks to be remedied. Question for the the truck for 36.5k OTD and they paid off the minivan........(was not going to roll any residual into the new note and they bit) I think we got a deal but the first thing my boss said was "you just paid xxx for a 2 yr. old truck" essentailly deflating the warm fuzzy. Whatcha all think. Near as I could figure, from the web sites I've researched (KBB, Edmunds) we did O.K. First 4x4 I've had since the good old college days. I'm really looking forward to putting it through its paces and scaring the hell out of my wife. So good to be a grown up and heavily insured!!!

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