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Power outlet broke, ? for anyone to answer

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Question, has anyone had 1 of the 2 power outlets just break on them and the parts come out? Mine did and it is in the shop getting a recall part done and they called and said they could fix it but had to order parts in for it. Well I totally forgot about it, its been broke since last fall's hunting season. But they said it would be $92 installed with parts & labor! I said hold off for now. Am I wrong to assume i can go get a part for $6 bucks and screw the old broken one out and unplug the broken one and re-install the new one?? I don't have my mada here to go look and won't till tomorrow, but just looking for an answer if anyone knows!
Thanks guys,
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I agree, it should be an easy fix. It might require removal of panels and screws, but nothing seriously complicated like working with electrical or engine components.
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