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Presently Own a Stock Armada

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Hello All! I'm glad to become a part of a club just for us!! I've had my 2004 4x4 LE (Galaxy) for little over a year now. I'm looking to add some features to it (i.e. tire/rim package, grill, sub enclosure). I look forward to hearing of what the more season Armada owners have done.
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FL_Crushin said:
What's up B1GGBLK, glad to have you. Check out the Mods section. Plenty of rims (20's and 22's, some 24's, even one crazy dude from NY with gator skin 25's I think) Grilles, Stereos, Exhaust, Intake, etc. you name it, it's here somewhere.
Thanks FL_Crushin! I will do just that.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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