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Pricing for 04's

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I'm fixing to buy an 04 Armada 4x4 SE-Off Road w/ sunroof and big tow. A dealer (in Northern VA) has given me an "internet price" and was wondering if others have been able to negotiate from that "internet price" (with $2000 rebate from Nissan) they give? Is it totally off base to try to get another $1000-$1500 off the price they quote you?

Also, this particular Armada was built in Jan. 04, was a dealer transfer and has been on their lot since late Sept. The center console is hanging, has some scratches on interior pieces and on the exterior door and has 300+ on the odometer. The salesperson reassured me they would be corrected when we buy. For the shape it is in, should I be able to get a better deal?


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Which Houston dealership?

llajumpvid said:
A dealership in Houston is advertising $7500 off 04's. Don't know what trim levels they have. I got mine $6000 below msrp 6 months ago. (actually $3000 plus they gave retail for my trade which was $3000 over trade value)

I would be leary of a Jan 04' build that is still on the lot. They didn't start getting some of their fixes into the assembly line until May.
Could you tell me which houston dealership is offering $7500 off deal?
I am not in a hurry to get the suv but dont want to miss out on deals. Been looking at the qx, durango, armada. test drove both the qa and armada but not durango.

'05 price offered

i was offered 44250 for a fully loaded LE 4wd. Do you guys think i can do better?

$7500 off '04 is pretty nice but i am a bit weary of the problems with the brakes and the creaking gremlins
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