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Pricing for 04's

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I'm fixing to buy an 04 Armada 4x4 SE-Off Road w/ sunroof and big tow. A dealer (in Northern VA) has given me an "internet price" and was wondering if others have been able to negotiate from that "internet price" (with $2000 rebate from Nissan) they give? Is it totally off base to try to get another $1000-$1500 off the price they quote you?

Also, this particular Armada was built in Jan. 04, was a dealer transfer and has been on their lot since late Sept. The center console is hanging, has some scratches on interior pieces and on the exterior door and has 300+ on the odometer. The salesperson reassured me they would be corrected when we buy. For the shape it is in, should I be able to get a better deal?


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Talked with a dealer about used '04s. They are able to purchase SE's for $29k at auction, very few LE's but those are around $32k.

$35k is steep for an SE. Kelley blue book doesn't list the '04 ARmada in their used car pricing. Found one other guide that put an 04 LE at around $37k.

Saw an LE one up in my neck of the woods (Seattle) on for about the same.
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