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Problem: Bose w/ Aftermarket Video

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I have an aftermarket video system (DVD Player w/ Alpine headrest monitors) installed in my '05 Nissan. On occassion, I get a loud intermittent buzzing sound (sounds like the kids game "Operation") from the front right speaker. The aftermarket compoents are not directly connected to the Bose system - i.e., no FM modulator, etc. Could this be a ground / power problem? Appreciate any suggestions on how to troubleshoot or fix this. Note: the buzzing is not affected by the power on / off status of the Bose system, DVD player, or monitors.
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Sounds like a grounding problem. Probably one of the wires is rubbing on a sharp metal edge and may have worn its way through the shielding. If you did it yourself, retrack the wires. Otherwise bring it to who did it and they should fix it for free. ;)
I have this issue with the stock Bose without any aftermarket equipment addeed.
Sounds like you have a grounding problem in one of your amps. Dealer can replace the part under warranty and fix it easily. ;)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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