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Problem with tires

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I recently became a victim of a nail puncture on my passanger side rear tire, my pressure sensor light came on. After i changed the tire and put the spare on the sensor light in the dash (_!_) is still on, and refuses to go off. I checked the air pressure on all tires and i'm in accordance with the nissan manual. Any suggestions, it's driving nuts!:confused:
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Fix the punctured tire...

and put it back on. I am not sure that the spare has a sensor (even though it should). Check with the dealer if it doesn't reset. It should if it is at the correct TP.
I don't believe the spare tire has the TPS (Tire Pressure Sensor). The sensor console will remain on until you fix the flat (punctured) tire and put in back on. Once the tire starts spinning again, it will start sending signal to the sensor console. Until then, your sensor console warning light will remain on.

Hope this helps.

You are correct sir!
Yeah I had a nail in my rear tire too about 2-3 months ago. The sensor light won't turn off until you replace the spare tire. It should automatically turn off when the spare tire is replaced at its bed. Cost me freakin $200 to replace one tire! :mad:
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