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Just had this questioned posed by my brother in-law, who has an 02 Tahoe. By the way, I thought my interior was bad, those things are a joke. I'm also down to an occasional dash rattle that I've nearly caught, and his has so many noises he gave up. Mine sounded like a sound proof booth compared to his. If I was buying new today, I would get the Armada hands down. I still have a short wish list for Nissan engineers (including tires and rims), and if the 07 is even better than the 06 (they have been listening by the way) then I may trade the 04 in. The other SUV's you have listed are all outdated, with new models to come. No matter who the mfr is (AUDI,VW,BMW,GMC,TOYOTA) the first years are trouble. So the best test maybe 07 vs. 07 vs. 07.
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